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Les Voyages Extraordinaires 

Theatre Performance

Written and directed by: Christian Denisart
Assistant director :

Loredana von Allmen

Costumes: Karolina Luisoni

Make-up and head dresses: Malika Stahli
Choreography: Tania de Paola
Lighting: Estelle Becker
Sound: Bernard Amaudruz

There are still tribes in the world living without any contact with civilization. There are the Mashco-Piro in Peru, the Waqyampi in Guyana, the Ayoreo people in Bolivia, but no tribe is as strange as that of the Koburo.


While most isolated tribes live in very difficult areas, Koburo have been found almost everywhere, even in big cities. Despite theirs, knowledge of our civilisation it is extremely difficult to communicate with them, their language is a mystery and their writing remains indecipherable. We do not know where they sleep, refuel, clothe themselves.


Christian Denisart has been interested in Koburo since 2011, and is one of the few people to have been able to get in touch, thanks to a language based on musical codes. He has been working with five of them since 2016 to learn more about their very particular ways of life, and to understand where their unique knowledge of astronomy and the geography of the ocean floor come from.


Premier or First Performance: 

19th of March 2019

at the theatre 2.21, Lausanne

collage: © 2020 Copyrights Christian Denisart

photos:© Mehdi Benkler


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