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Theatrical interpretation of Mervyn Peake’s novel


University of Huddersfield BA (Hons) Degree Project

In my interpretation, Gormenghast is a dark fantasy Russian folk-tale. Set in a remote and reclusive underwater Earldom dominated by the huge Castle Gormenghast and ruled by the noble family of Groan since time immemorial, each character, costume and silhouette is inspired by a different period in costume history but the main influence comes from the cut and pattern of traditional Russian outfits that gives the piece a foreign, outlandish character. Patterns of textiles are inspired by the underwater world surrounding Gormenghast; tropical fishes, water plants, corals and other sea creatures. For this production Karolina designed the costumes for the cast and then produced costumes and textiles for the identical twin characters, Cora & Clarice.

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